Friday, September 6, 2013

Quality of Life News - LAUNCH DAY

On Launch Day for Quality of Life News, I want to welcome all those who are looking for enhanced life quality!! On this site I want to explore the many ways that people around the world have found to slow down, reduce stress, spend more time with loved ones and be involved in their communities, find more joy and anything else that gives our lives more zest. 

So, lets get started....
First things first. Before we go rushing off too seek and capture the best that life has to offer, I believe some stillness is in order. If you don't already have some activity that helps you plug into your inner intuitive wisdom, it's time to find something. That should be your first exploration at ground level for enhanced QOL. 

"Stillness and tranquility set things in order in the universe"

                                                                        Tao Te Ching

I meditate regularly and run on the beach or mountain bike the woods as a way to drop stress and bring about an inner calm and 

help myself with reflection on what is most important in this highly distracting life around me. So it isn't always sitting still
that brings about some stillness in life. A nice brisk walk in a park
or an invigorating swim does the trick for some of my friends.

The key is giving yourself some time on a rest break or at the end of an activity to check out what author Barbara De Angelis speaks of so eloquently: "When you choose to be solitary and silent, you witness the thoughts, reactions and emotions that have been interfering with your ability to make clear decisions, or discover the answers to problems, or get to know what your true feelings are."

So, create some Sacred Time that happens at least several times a week--- 1/2 hour minimum. Don't let it be crowded out of your schedule!! It's sacred. Get to where you actually feel "centered." The Japanese call it the "hara," and it's the actual geographic center of the human body. Just below the navel. Get out of your head, concentrate on breathing slow and deep and attend to your "gut." 

In the future, I'll relay a story of how blocked MY gut was until I did some therapeutic Musical Guided Imagery. You'll find that when your gut, head and heart are all in alignment, you've found the Yellow Brick Road to QOL. For whatever reason, many of us have tuned out one or all of these parts of ourselves.

Happy trails to YOU......

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