Wednesday, October 19, 2016

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NEW ROAD MAP FOUNDATION - Building your financial foundation

The New Roadmap(NRM) Foundation was created in 1984 and came out of insights about taking control of your money that became the book "You Money Or Your Life," co-authored by Joe Dominguez and Vikki Robin in 1992. It centers around values of frugality and financial integrity that led both of the authors to financial independence at an early age. The book was a New York Times bestseller and continues to sell well and inspire new generations.  At the core of New Road Map's educational work is a nine step program for financial intelligence, integrity and independence created by Dominguez.

NRM has developed a guide to the core of the nine step program that can be used for both individual self-guided learning as well as in educational settings. Program adherents who wish to teach others this rewarding practice of personal economics have access to a professionally developed curriculum to do so. This suite of products is the Financial Integrity Program.

NRM has dedicated its resources to making this core material available free of charge to individuals and to organizations who are dedicated to spreading the Financial Integrity approach far and wide.

As a financial foundation to work from and build your personal financial integrity, these materials are excellent AND they are, amazingly, free! Please visit their website:

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